3 Months Full Time Diploma in Acting

3 Months Full Time Diploma in Acting

Duration: 3 months (Full Time)


Monday to Friday
12.30 pm to 7 pm

Age Criteria: 15 years and above

Admission Criteria : Anyone with an intrest in acting is eligible 

 Start Date - 22 April 2019
 Fee: 89,500


 Like any other creative art is so much craft.An actor needs to learn how to breath, how to move, how to use his voice and how to relax. An actor requires the training of an athlete only to be told that his goal is not the winning of a hundred meters race.

After he has gone through all the exercises that drama schools stipulate, he needs to have the experience of putting everything together in front of an audience.

Believe that would-be act


An exclusive and intensive full time diploma course in acting, that provides specialized  and creative training to aspiring actors who want to make a mark in the acting industry. Our students receive training under a plethora of course techniques that enable them to learn and grasp the nuances in this expressive art. This course focuses on the fundamentals of acting through our faculty designed rigorous course contents, and enhances the actor within the student. This course concentrates on bringing out the best acting potential in a student in a broad array of elements that is, mental, physical, cognitive and emotional. Besides these elements, the course also entails technicalities of acting as an art.

The courses intensifies with time when the students apply the learned concepts into practical situations for example camera techniques, body movements, voice modulations diction, speech etc The objective behind this is to fine tune the on screen presence of the students and increase their camera facing capabilities. The course is also graced by some eminent personalities from the industry in the form of master classes, which helps students to be abreast of current scenarios in the acting industry. 




ACTING TECHNIQUES: Like any other study, acting also has various methodologies, ranging from traditional, classical, modern and contemporary. Each of these modules has its own craft which the students would study, understand and relate with.


INNOVATIVE BODY MOVEMENTS: Like a pair of scissors is to a barber, similarly the body is to an actor. The body of an actor is like the pillar on which his/her expressions and emotions rest. Through the body only the actor puts forth elements like body language, postures, rhythm, movements and momentum.


Modelling : The Modelling Classes provide aspiring actors / models a chance to train and become professionals. It opens up career opportunities in the exciting world of fashion and Tv . These classes workshop will train students in modules on Ramp Walking, Posing Techniques, Print and Tv Modelling.


Modeling is, undoubtedly a glamorous field which offers tremendous opportunities to travel and meet various classes of people. Moreover once established it is a highly paid job. Even with all these plus points it involves lot of hard work, dedication and perseverance to be successful in this field. It is a profession where educational qualifications become insignificant and physical attributes and personal qualities assume importance.


YOGA: It is no longer conflicted that the mind’s peace compliments the body’s peace. And through Yoga, we try to bring solace and discipline in the performance of an actor.


DANCE: It is popularly said that dance is one of the greatest art which brings out expression. Dance is all about energy, expression, creativity, tempo and tune which is of paramount importance in an actor’s performance.


 VOICE AND SPEECH: Voice is an essential weapon for an actor. In voice classes here, students are taught that how different voice modulations cause different expressions in performance. Speech again being extremely important, is technically taught here bearing in mind perfect communication, articulation for effective dialogue delivery.


MARTIAL ARTS: Doing dangerous stunts has now become an integral part of almost every film. Students are trained in martial arts here to be real heroes of the war.


FILM APPRECIATION: This module is basically to enable students to be able to analyse films and cinema and be critical about them. This would help them to frame a bent of mind towards whichever film they are watching.

SCENES STUDY: Acting is all about observing. These classroom sessions are all about showcasing particular scenes and trying to discuss about the finest of details in them.


EXPERTS TALK: There would be guest lectures by renowned artists in the industry who are veterans in their own field. Directors, producers, writers etc would come and consult the students.


MASTERCLASS SERIES: This special session is conducted by some of the greatest industry figures, and the objective of this session is to expose students to the realities and the current scenarios of the industry. Veterans would bring in front what is the need of the hour for aspiring actors, what is it that the industry demands from them and how best they can groom themselves and evolve as fine actors.


PORTFOLIO AND SHOWREEL: Students will be awarded an acting portfolio spelling out the videos and photos of their performances during the course and also acting showreel. This portfolio would act as a Bible for our aspirants and would be the final face of their training.


A diploma certificate will be awarded to all students upon satisfactory completion of the course.


Moonlight Films and Theatre Studio, prepares its students to become classic actors through this 3 months programme. By the end of this course, students would be holistically groomed and would be ready to spearhead their careers in the field of acting.