6 Months Diploma in Acting for Film /TV

6 Months Full Time Diploma in Acting for Film /TV

  • Six-month full-time
  • For students who are considering a career change and looking to build robust acting skills
  • Provides comprehensive introduction to the acting techniques in the fast evolving media industry
  • Covers a broad range of areas of working as an actor
  • Each module is based on industry practice
  • You will be expected to spend time off campus going to auditions, meeting casting agents and networking


Course Duration: 6 Months (Delhi) Kailash Colony, 2 Weeks in Mumbai

Per session duration: 6 Hours

Start Date : 2 April 2019

Fee: 2,25,000


Criteria: Anyone with an interest in acting is eligible

5 days a week - Monday to Friday

Direct Admission : No audition and interviews to be conducted

Faculty :Eminent Theatre Personality/ NSD Graduate / Films and Tv Personality



An intensive 2-week period in Mumbai with Master Classes with Eminent Film Actor /Director and Casting Directors (Air Travelling and Stay include in this fees)


This six-month full-time course covers the core skills and industry insights that you’ll need to launch a career in acting, from voice and movement techniques to getting ready for castings and auditions. It is ideal for those who are looking to retrain as an actor and build an enhanced understanding of on-set practices and the technical requirements.

  • Improve your vocal and physical expression and build an understanding of on-screen acting skills and technical aspects of the profession
  • Receive introduction to motion capture, an innovative fast-growing area of filmmaking, which focuses on movement in the virtual world
  • Study the fundamentals of combat movement, essential for action films
  • Learn about various job opportunities for an actor in today’s market, including acting and voice acting for film, radio and commercials
  • Meet agents, casting directors and professional actors to receive advice about audition techniques and casting opportunities in the industry
  • Get familiar with filmmaking process, understand how to work with a film crew on set
  • Participate in a shooting day with a professional film crew


  • Subtext and storytelling in acting
  • Script analysis and performance
  • Rehearsal - improvisation, speaking out an interior monologue and rehearsing the script beat by beat
  • Filmmaking skills - understanding the process, stages in broad terms
  • Voice and movement
  • Advanced acting skills - the Meisner technique, Mast, Improvisation, Stanislavski and Clown
  • Audition workshop and preparation
  • Dialect workshop
  • Introduction to combat movement and motion capture
  • Acting for multicam
  • Acting careers
  • Industry showcase

Structure of Course

An intensive 2-week period in Mumbai with Master Classes with Eminent Film Actor /Director and Casting Directors


Acting Fundamentals

You will develop the precursors to acting: relaxation; trust; exuberance; discipline; response to criticism; a playful attitude; and the ability to work as part of an ensemble. You will learn the fundamentals of acting, including: concentration; pursuing an objective with actions; listening and responding; and working from moment-to-moment, using both improvised and scripted scenes.


Through physical and vocal exercises, you will begin to release your voice from habitual tensions and develop breath connection, support and stamina. You will begin to learn how to project your voice without strain, using the principles of general and specific resonance and develop vocal range. Articulation work will enable you to approach text with greater specificity, accuracy and muscularity.


This unit will allow you to explore and develop movement/physical vocabularies and begin to understand the significant role the body plays in expression. You will become aware of your physicality through experiential anatomy, articulation of the body parts, alignment of the spine and the three body weights. you will explore connection to breath, presence in space, neutrality and its relevance to an acting training.

The Actor and The Text

This module will allow you to apply your acquired skills from Acting Fundamentals to script work. You will learn a clear process, including active and textual analysis, which will allow you to explore and realise monologues, duologues and scenes effectively.


This module explores the creation of character in both textual and devised settings. The creation of character is fundamental to all forms of acting therefore you will concentrate not only on naturalistic character but also archetypes, commedia dellarte and Brechtian characters. Using the techniques and methods of various practitioners you will develop and sustain your own character.

Devising and theatre-making

This module will give you the tools to start to develop ideas into ensemble-based performance. The acting industry is increasingly reliant on actors who can devise, write and perform in autonomous ways; you will create work using a variety of sound, light and text based stimuli.

Performance Project: Rehearse and Perform

This unit culminates in a production wherein you will have gone through a full rehearsal process taking into account the text, character and knowledge of prominent 20th Century practitioners and their acting systems. The use of your acting, voice and movement skills will be evaluated in both the rehearsal process and final performance. You will be cast in extracts from a play and have an intensive rehearsal schedule. You will be expected to attend all rehearsal and also work in your own time. You will apply systems of rehearsal to your work, learn movement and be expected to take and adapt well to direction. You will perform the show in front of an invited audience.