3 Months Weekend Diploma in Photography

3 Months Weekend Diploma in Photography

Course Duration :
3 months
Saturday – Sunday , 10 am to 1pm
Starting from November 2017

No of Sessions: 24

Per session duration: 3 Hours

Tuition Fee: Cost- Rs 27,500/- (All inclusive)
**Cost includes admission, course and materials fee.

Direct Admission:No audition and interviews to be conducted

Criteria: Anyone with an interest in Photography is eligible


The entire course is a comprehensive package of three months  week-ends (24 classes) and several outdoor sessions, of intensive learning and hands-on training. Its a journey of picking up the camera to confidently taking steps into the world of professional photography within three months.

Basic is aimed for rank beginners, who have either recently bought a camera and would like to improve their travel and family photographs. Or as first steps for beginners who want to take eventually shoot like a professional. However the course is not recommended for casual shooters who use mobile phone cameras or aim and shoot camera

  1. Discussing choices in photography as a profession. Understanding the camera and its components, Brief history of camera and photography, Understanding DSLR. Understanding light. Understanding Film and digital Sensor, Understanding digital photography, Image recording and storage devices.
  2. Understanding light. Understanding & controlling exposure. Using Aperture, Shutter and film speeds (ISO). Basic understanding of lenses, focusing & Depth of Field
  3. Exposure (Part 2). Adjusting exposure and Exposure Compensation.. Understanding and using manual mode. Internal light meter and types of metering. How to effectively use light meter.
  4. Exposure (Part 3).
    Colour theory, Colour correction and White Balance.
    Understanding and effectively using Depth of field.
  5. Understanding lenses. Types and uses of lenses. Methods of focusing. Handling difficult light situations. Managing low light. Understanding and using flash. Using the flash creatively.
  6. Using light creatively. Basic tips of street photography (Safety tips and Do’s & Don’ts). Basic tips for shooting landscapes and photographing people. Basic photo editing. Camera settings for quality & resolution. Putting it all together for a picture & thinking on your feet

Advance Level :

  1. Developing a creative eye. Guide to creative use of light and composition. Interesting photographic techniques.
  2. Review of Assignment. Using flash as fill-in light. Interesting techniques in using flash. Understanding light and advanced light theory. Understanding colour and textures
  3. Review of Assignment. Introduction to people photography. Indoor and outdoor Portrait photography. Applying light theory to portraiture. Practical demonstrations
  4. Review of Assignment Understanding and creating multimedia. Photo editing and Photoshop (Colour correction, retouching, Layers, colour to B&W etc). HDR and Panorama Photography.
  5. Review of Assignment, Introduction to commercial Photography. Studio Lighting and working with Studio strobes. Working with light modifiers. One, two and three point lighting techniques
  6. Introduction to commercial photography industry, Photographic equipment of a commercial photographer Setting up studio, Handling lights and accessories, Using light meter, Theory and types of lighting Students practice sessions (each student gets individual time)
  7. Tabletop and product photography, Understanding different surfaces and textures and how to light them, Introduction of Food photography, Working with food stylist Students practice sessions (each student gets individual time), Review of student’s work
  8. Fashion / glamour photography, Working with models, Art of posing, Understanding Make-up and hair style, Team of professionals demonstrate the making of various kinds of glamour and beauty pictures with professional model, Students practice sessions with models (each student gets one-on-one time with professional model), Students recreate the entire process, including photoshopping to produce finished product
  9. Review of student’s work, Advanced Photoshop, Business of commercial photography Working with Art directors and other advertising professionals, Presentation of students work that will included in an online exhibition