3 Months Diploma in Filmmaking

3 Months Diploma in Filmmaking


Course Duration :
3 months, Monday-Friday

No of Sessions :60

Date: 22 April 2019

Per session : 3 Hours

Fee : 59,500

Cost includes admission, course and materials fee.

Direct Admission : No audition and interviews to be conducted

Criteria: Anyone with an interest in Filmmaking is eligible



If you have clicked your way to this page, then you too might be considering a career in Filmmaking. But excellence in Filmmaking cannot be achieved without adequate technical knowledge and aesthetic preparation. The ART OF CINEMA COURSE  is a complete technical and Film -Aesthetics program which will help anyone become a professional filmmaker. It is designed like a practical handbook which prepares anyone to find usable solutions for creative challenges.

The main highlights of the course are –

  • A complete training program in Screenplay Writing for Fiction Films.
  • A complete training program in Direction for Fiction Films.
  • Each Participant will write a complete script for a  film by the end of the course.
  • Each Participant will receive personalised mentoring at all stages of script development.
  • Hands on training on Digital Cameras
  • Hands on training on Editing software – Final Cut Pro
  • Hands on training in sound recording and mixing


Students get a chance to shoot their own short film with the most latest Canon 5d Mark 1V professional DSLR.

Selected Students will be getting a chance to be an Assistant Director Intern for our upcoming movie production, Marksheet, and will be thoroughly involved in the pre production and post production phase.



Screenplay writing Module Content – 

  • Film History
  • Choosing Film Subjects
  • Understanding fabula, syuzhet and screen time
  • Working with Philosophical Themes and Ideas
  • Adapting pre-existing stories
  • Concept of Space and Time in Cinema
  • Time planning in scripts
  • Working towards a poly-sense cinematic experience
  • Creating Plots
  • Developing Characters
  • Working with Archetypes and Mythotypes
  • Hero’s Journey
  • Building Conflicts
  • Choosing Dramatic Strategies
  • Creating Narrative structures
  • Writing effective Dialogue
  • Film Analysis
  • Writing Scripts in correct Format
  • Marketing and pitching scripts
  • Preparing Shooting Scripts

Film Direction Module Content – 

  • Role of the Director
  • Understanding genres,styles and self-expression
  • Technical workflows of the filmmaking process
  • Budgeting
  • Pitching ideas
  • Financing and production models
  • Selecting the basic technical crew
  • Crew Structure and chain of command
  • Production Design including location management and set construction
  • Modes of acquiring production sound
  • Making Detailed Shot Breakdown plans
  • Working with Storyboards
  • Understanding Mise-en-Scene
  • Casting
  • Working with Actors
  • Preparing Shooting schedules
  • Shooting Protocols.
  • Career Management and counseling

Cinematography Module Content –

  • Introduction to Cameras
  • Introduction to Optics and Lenses
  • Elements of Visual Communication
  • Visual Design – Composition, Color Theory, Graphics, Textures, Tones
  • Building the Visual treatment plan for a film
  • Lighting Design
  • Choice of cameras, lenses, filters and shooting formats
  • Color correction and DI
  • Working with Computer Graphics
  • Working with Animation

Editing Module Content –

  • Principles of Editing
  • Understanding Continuity
  • Re – Writing the script on the editing table
  • Building Dramatic Tension
  • Working with suspense and surprise
  • Understanding Rhythm, pace and tempo
  • Theory of Montage
  • Post Production planning
  • Final Mastering And Deliveries

Audiography Module Content –

  • Physics of Sound
  • Introduction to microphones and recorders
  • Recording location sound
  • Soundtrack layering
  • Theory of Sound design
  • Audio mixing
  • Final export of sound stems
A Diploma will be given to all participants who successfully complete course